Korean Society for Quality in Health Care





Since the founding of our society in 1994,
we have been constantly striving to improve the quality of medical services.

Beginning with QA training in 1994, we now regularly hold training and academic conferences for medical doctors and health care professionals, and share in-depth research outcomes in the field of medical quality improvement through the regular publication of academic journals. In addition, we are also constantly making efforts to improve the quality of medical services in South Korea through the translation of high-quality international QI books and the publication of books relevant in the domestic QI context.

As QI is an activity in which all medical staff from all departments within a hospital must be involved, we constantly apply effort to conduct QI education responsibly and with meticulous preparation.

During the regular annual QI training sessions, newly created training programs are consistently being rolled out after considering various aspects, such as job category (doctor, QI practitioner, nurse, etc.), experience level (newly hired, etc.), the size of the institution (large, general, small-and medium-sized hospital, etc.), and specialized hospitals.

The regular academic conference is held in the first half of the year to discuss the current status of QI and domestic medical issues in South Korea. In the second half of the year, QI performance presentations are made on each hospital’s achievements for the year, and medical institutions across the country have the opportunity to freely exchange and share information on QI activities and future directions.

The Korean Society for Quality in Health Care will continue to uphold its duty as the nation’s largest academic society in the field to improve the quality of medical services nationwide, and further, to develop and facilitate education on patient safety with constantly improving quality standards for private clinics.